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re: Gaming Update...

Bit quiet around here so I figure ill post what i am up to ...

For Guild Activity , we have shifted to Neverwinter .. Pain ,Dizz and I are working towrds catching up to Torv .. (so lets all get to 16 for that Dungeon Thurs nite..) Neverwinter is a nice game and should suit us well for guild activities for now... Im playing a Cleric and it is interesting mechanics and fun , but i am waiting for the Ranger to be implemented..

For a single player game Dont Starve has really got my attntion , extremely well done Wilderness survival game , that draws you right in .. If you get a chance to try it .. Dont look at any guides just jump in and learn

For some TBS i am into the new content to Combat Mission Battle for Normandy .. Simply put this is hands down the best WW2 TBS game made .. no game comes near its depth of tactical realism

And for going on 2 months now i have been in Istaria( Horizons) quite a bit ... this forgotten gem is true MMO cut from the same cloth as AC ,UO AO, SWG ... Amazing depth and content.. still a decent looking game with a soundtrack that is amazing...

Istaria boasts 28 Classes and 19 Craft schools ,and get this if you wish you can max all that on one toon .. A daunting task indeed but is doable...

Crafting in Istaria may be 2nd to none ..possibly TITD has a more robust system.. thats it...

Combat becomes quite enjoyable and tactical as you change stances ato meet your opponents and buff de buff attack ... really fun stuff..

I decided to go the Ranger route which requried me to become 20Scout/15 Druid /10 Cleric , before i could train as a ranger.. now at lvl 22 Ranger..

And crafting is great curently with 12 Blacksmithing, 11 Fletching/ 8 Jeweler , there is so much to do ...

some links

Amazing fukin game .

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