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PostPosted: 2016/10/30 20:16    Post subject:

nice! i'll have to check it out.

PostPosted: 2016/10/30 16:03    Post subject:

echo base - due S from the main base, between desert and wasteland biomes


PostPosted: 2016/10/19 22:29    Post subject:

thank you, paine, for removing the eac thing. no more random kicks! also, i got the minibike schematic, and was able to build one! that will help out with exploring, it is quite fast, i looted a purple engine from a car.

PostPosted: 2016/10/19 12:25    Post subject:

i built a workbench today, and i have picked up a few airdrops. i've also done some digging and mining, so there are plenty of materials if someone wanted to do some building or remodeling. i have also gotten several weapon recipes, so i can assemble pistols, shotguns, hunting rifles, and 44 magnum. if you have any parts and want me to throw it together, or make some ammo if you dont have the recipes just let me know.

PostPosted: 2016/10/18 18:04    Post subject:

ah, i see. thanks, ash.

PostPosted: 2016/10/18 17:57    Post subject:

This is how you access the back rows of spikes.


This is how you access the back rows of spikes.

PostPosted: 2016/10/18 11:57    Post subject:

Fyi, fallback base at 3021S 980W

Sort of between two towns, not too far from first base.

PostPosted: 2016/10/18 1:29    Post subject:

i finally got back to the base, and laid my bedroll. so then we got attacked real bad, and they broke through that reinforced wall. i tried to repair as best i could, but i couldnt get to where the spike traps  were that they broke up in the middle. someone that knows what they are doing, will have to try to fix it the rest of the way.

PostPosted: 2016/10/17 18:36    Post subject:

eac does the same thing to me. i have tried all the things you have as well, with no results. isnt there a way to have it not activated on the server? i know you can with dayz. i mean it is a passworded server, we dont really need it.

PostPosted: 2016/10/17 12:53    Post subject:

I'd really like to play, but this EAC error is ruining it for me.

Sometimes I can play for extended periods, but currently I can't stay connected more that 5 minutes and I am getting repeatedly kicked by the server for no reason.

I've tried what little I can find in the way of fixes;

- running in 32 bit mode
- reinstalling the EAC service
- deleting/reinstalling entire game
- Flush dns cache (I thought this was working as I got a bit of play after this, but next time, EAC Kick)



PostPosted: 2016/10/17 0:12    Post subject:

well, i did get in and play a bit. i am starting to get how it works. i got to the base and did some repairs, but i ended up dying, and didnt realize i could save my spot by putting down a sleeping bag. so...have been trying to get back to the base unsuccessfully. next time i will put down a damn bag...


PostPosted: 2016/10/16 14:01    Post subject:

I've had similar eac  issues.   Seems random. 

I don't think the z's have too many HP.   The first part of the game is mostly about survival via avoidance instead of conflict.   Wood spikes are a good first gambit as well.  Idiots will walk right over them.

PostPosted: 2016/10/14 18:58    Post subject:

the game keeps kicking me, something about eac not running. is that something i have to download separately?

edit: f that, if im not getting kicked out of the game every couple minutes, then i am getting killed by a zombie... they have way too many hp.

PostPosted: 2016/10/14 18:47    Post subject:

im redownloading, hope to see you guys in game.

PostPosted: 2016/10/14 11:09    Post subject:

Won't be on this weekend.  Out on a weekend vacation. Happy

I like what I've seen so far.

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